Extended Reality In Education 

What is Extended Reality?

Extended Reality (XR)  is a prototypal term linked to the combination of physical, real-world  and digital and social  environments which aim to provide a seamless feel or interaction, focusing on augmenting and embedding  our physical surroundings while at the same time attempt to allow human-machine interactions generated by online platforms and hardware such as headsets, wearables , mobile phones & computers.

Model layouts of extended reality include Virtual Reality ( VR) & Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality ( MR). XR is an umbrella term that includes all aspects of modified, augmented and virtual environment development in the concept of Paul Milgram reality-virtuality continuum . The spectrum of reality spans from digital and interactive content layered into the physical reality using an optical electronic device to immersive virtuality called VR. This means that current and future technologies will enable the individual to jump from the complete real to the complete virtual and artificial. 

XR devices utilise human senses as an input device to human-machine interaction and experience. The sense of being, existence ( mirrored by VR) and the accretion of cognition (mirrored by AR & MR) are ever involving and it is growth and adoption is closely linked to the growth and adoption of Digital Social and Transformational technologies.

Extended Reality In Education 

Why EdXR?

Our conceptions of 'reality' and the 'real' have been the subject of philosophical debate for centuries. Extended reality (XR) is an umbrella term that integrates a series of 'realities' (virtual, augmented and mixed) haptics and will draw in other sense, nano, brain to computer interface BCI) technologies. Importantly, EdXR responds to a trans-human shift that is challenging and changing how we work, live and learn.  

The EdXR vision is to co-create a multiverse where digital dreamscapes liberate and empower the transformation of self and communities for all.   


EdXR represents a revolution in education; in how we teach, learn, train and develop new skills. With EdXR abstract concepts become fun and interactive, history is animated, people countries and cultures are visited, understood and celebrated.


EdXR turns business and work environments into immersive contexts where creativity, innovation and skills training can be practised, co-created and evaluated in safe immersive scenarios.      

EdXR represents a new academic and practical performativity; a different way of thinking, seeing and doing. It builds on the established techno-cultural 'screenager' that demands a different and distinctive educational experience. As a new mode of cybergogy EdXR recognises the traditional educational practices as much as its physical spaces are, increasingly, obsolete. In this age of acceleration educational curricula, places, policy through to practice are undergoing an existential crisis. EdXR offers a way forward and charts a different journey. We do not claim to have all the answers but we  hope that you will join us on the journey and help us find them!

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