Extended Reality In Engagement 

XR in Engagement


Today we are living in unprecedented times. Regardless of who or where you are people, businesses and communities are connected like never before. We now live in a world where 'cultures of co-created convergence' are the norm.  Sharing is a given and has never been easier and we seek, increasingly, immersive ways to connect with people and places. EngagementXR recognises this an seeks to explore, innovate and connect us in as digitally deep ways as possible. 

Whether its a brand or business product, new experience or magical memory moment you wish to share or even relive EngagementXR is about conveying and connecting possibilities. EngagementXR enriches and enables our digital lifestyles by connecting, promoting and showcasing what is and could be within our multiverse.  We invite you to join and help us develop and, visually, vibrantly, virally and virtually, connect the strands of this dreamscape ecosystem.   

Why EngagementXR?

EngagementXR is the front facing and holistic element of EdXR. Just as the social media revolution transformaed how we engage and share with one another EngagementXR is the futurology of engagement. It builds on research, trends and innovations to chart the new ways of integrating forms of engagement. As such it moves beyond social media by bringing together as many aspects of how we engage, the experiences we co-create and  depth of emotion we seek.

EngagementXR is looking to the dynamics of an emerging digital and immersive lifestyle. It is dedicated to uncovering and connecting our evolving ecosystems of experience.


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