Extended Reality In Enterprise 

XR in Business

The world of business is synonymous with technological change and innovation. Business and enterprise is driven by the search of a competitive edge and the need to constantly look to the future. With the rise of ubiqutious technologies, social and media and the connected consumer business and enterprise recognise the need to be highly responsive.

Rather they recognise the transformations evidenced in the fields of banking, media or retail.  EnterpriseXR reflects accelerated capitalism, rise of cloud commerce and so business and enterprise pragmatically achnowledge the  power and potential of digital, social and transformational technologies. With EnterpriseXR we have developed projects in tourism, sport, music and events, arts and heritage through to construction. As always, and with the speed of accelerating technoculture, we hope you will help us extend our understanding and innovations in EnterpriseXR. 

Why EnterpriseXR?

Nowhere is the impact of this age of acceleration more recognised that in the world of business and enterprise. Academically we speak of accelerated capitalism where businesses are born global, their products and practices need to respond to a customer that demands conveinance and instant gratification. Moreover, the modern business brand is held to account being under the global gaze of a convergent consumer that can, instantaneously, connect, make or break brands.   


EnterpriseXR refers to the extension of EdXR principles into the world of business and enterprise. Interestingly, EnterpriseXR is openly embraced within the business and enterprise community. This is not because business and enterprises understand the underpinning phenomenon, trends or technologies.

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